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Sarah Roper
Phone: 419-644-2951 Ext. 1109
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Twitter: @sroperVikings
Instagram: @sroperVikings
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Jenny Conrad
Counselor Assistant
Phone: 419-644-2951 Ext. 1107
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The school counselor is a person who is specially trained to help you realize your fullest potential as a unique human being.  Growing up means making choices about values, friends, life-styles, careers, along with many other issues facing you today.  The guidance counselor is housed in the guidance office and can help you in a variety of ways to make the best, informed choices of your life.

A Sampling of the areas in which the Counseling Office can be of help to you:

The Student and High School

  • Course selection and scheduling
  • Coping with the demands of high school
  • Opportunities for involvement in school and community life
  • Administration and interpretation of standardized tests

The Student as a Person

  • Understanding one's self, one's strengths and limitations
  • Discussion of personal concerns, friends, relationships to others, etc
  • Family situations which affect school performance
  • Referral when needed, to various resources/agencies

The Student and His/Her Future

  • Vocational and career opportunities
  • Career interest inventories and career exploration activities
  • Opportunities for post-high school education, colleges and technical schools
  • Applications to colleges and technical schools