Monthly Update

COUNSELOR’S CORNER -- November 2017

High School Guidance
Sarah Roper, Counselor
Jennifer Conrad, Guidance Assistant


The College Credit Plus program (CCP) is available to students in grades 6-11 for the 2018- 2019 school year. This program allows students to attend college during the middle school and high school years. Each college has its own criteria for admissions.  This year, EHS will be hosting multiple CCP meetings in order to accommodate busy schedules, these meetings must be held before January 1, 2018. The next meeting dates for interested parents and students for the 2018-19 school year are:

         -  Thursday, November 30 at 2:15 pm

         -  Tentatively: Monday, December 18, TBA

Anyone interested in participating in the CCP program for 2017-18 must attend one of these meetings with the counselor (even if the student is a current participant). If you already attended the October 19 meeting, your requirement is fulfilled.


Just a reminder, parents can see their student’s grades anytime by logging into Power School, the parent/student grade viewing system, from the district’s web site at The web site is also helpful for following announcements and athletic information. 


In addition to the graduation credit requirements that are currently in place, students need to take end of course exams in Algebra 1, Biology, Geometry, American History, American Government, Language Arts 9 and Language Arts 10. Students need to earn at least 18 points across these seven course tests or earn a remediation free score on the ACT or demonstrate workforce readiness and employability on a job skills assessment in order to meet graduation requirements. Juniors will also take the ACT test in March, free of charge, at Evergreen High School. If you have questions about the testing requirements, please contact Mr. Clark or Mrs. Roper.

ACT/SAT Test Prep: Check out Chegg Test Prep where students can get instant access to hundreds of expert ACT and SAT test prep guides.

·   ACT Test Prep:

·   SAT Test Prep: 



Vocation Training -- On November 2, Mrs. Roper and a representative from Four County Career Center will meet with the sophomores to discuss vocational training and present the benefits of attending Four County in Archbold. Programs will be discussed and paperwork will be distributed. Sophomores who are interested in attending the Four County Career Center will visit the school and two of programs of interest on the morning of December 7.

HOBY -- Nominations are being accepted for the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Seminar. One sophomore will represent Evergreen High School at this leadership seminar held in June at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio. The cost of the conference is $225. Announcements have been made to the students. Information is also available in the counseling office.  


College & Career Planning -- Mrs. Roper met with juniors in September and discussed the career and college planning process. Students were asked to share the information and handouts with their parents. Parents, you are always welcome to stop by the guidance office to explore the college, career and financial aid resources available.  Information is also available on the counseling portion of the Evergreen High School website.


College & Career Planning -- Mrs. Roper met with seniors in September and discussed the career and college planning process. Students were asked to share the information and handouts with their parents. Parents, you are always welcome to stop by the Guidance Office to explore the college, career and financial aid resources available. Information is also available on the guidance portion of the Evergreen High School website.

College Applications -- Seniors who are planning to attend college in the fall should be in the process of filling out applications NOW! Schools strongly encouraging students to apply online. If students apply online, they need to print off or email any pages the counseling office needs to complete. An official transcript must be sent from the guidance office to each college a student is applying to in order for the application to be complete. Students need to request a transcript through the Request my Transcript/Parchment link on the Evergreen web page under “For Students”. This process has been explained to all of the seniors.

College/Career Visitation Days -- Every senior (sophomores and juniors too) is eligible to take advantage of two excused college/career visitation days. Prearranged absence forms must be filled out and evidence of the college/career visit (a note from the college admissions office or the business) must be presented to the Main Office after the visit. Any senior wishing to go on to an institute of higher education or directly into the workforce is strongly encouraged to participate in these visits and make an appointment to visit their top two college choices or career choices before Christmas.        


Many scholarship opportunities are available. Please be aware -- many applications require an essay and deadline dates are fast approaching. Students need to stop by the Counseling Office periodically to check out new postings and pick up applications. Scholarship lists have been posted on the District's website at  Go to high school pages then guidance/student services.

Most colleges offer scholarships to incoming students with certain grade point averages and ACT or SAT test scores.  Check with the colleges you are applying to and check the scholarship deadlines.  Some of the most prestigious scholarships have November 1 and December 1 scholarship deadlines.  In order to be eligible for these scholarships all application materials need to be received by the college by the due date and a separate scholarship application may be required.

** Evergreen Education Assoc. $500 Scholarship – Every EHS senior who is planning to attend college should apply for this scholarship given by the Evergreen teachers. One student from the class will win. The only requirement is an essay, no GPA or ACT score required. See the counseling office for an application. Deadline to apply is November 3, 2017.


Seniors, if you are college bound, it is time to start working on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA). Data from the students and parents taxes will be used. Mrs. Roper also met with College-bound seniors on October 17 during enrichment to discuss the financial aid process. Each student received information to take home and share with parents.

The FAFSA form may be submitted anytime after October 1, 2017. It is strongly recommended that families take advantage of filling out the FAFSA form on the web at the following address:  Please make sure to access the FAFSA form at the address listed above and not any other web address.

US Department of Education suggests families request username and password for one parent and the student prior to starting the FAFSA process.  This can be accomplished at The student and the parent will each need a unique email address.  This will speed up the financial aid application process. The username and password will serve as an electronic signature for FAFSA on the Web, Renewal FAFSA and Corrections on the Web, and to access the National Student Loan Data System. 

More college financial aid information and FAFSA help can be found on the Evergreen Counseling webpage under College and the Financial Aid link.  Students and parents are also encouraged to contact college financial aid offices with specific questions.

Financial Aid Night -- Lourdes University is hosting the 10th Annual High School Financial Aid Night. High school seniors, interested underclassmen, and their families, are encouraged to attend. Students who do not plan to attend Lourdes are invited to attend. There is no cost to attend. College financial aid officers will discuss the financial aid process and answer questions at the event.

  • Lourdes University on Wednesday, November 1 from 6:30-8:00 pm at the Franciscan Center at Lourdes University. 


Ashley Garlick has been accepted to Kent State University. 


Mrs. Roper and Mrs. Conrad met with college bound seniors in September. Some of the following information was discussed: 

1.  All college-bound seniors were reminded to register for the ACT and/or SAT. It is            recommended that they test in October. 

2.  Prepare for ACT/SAT with a study guide, or borrow books from the Counseling Office   or school library. Check the internet for free test-prep sites.

3.  Gather information regarding colleges and scholarships via the internet or books    available in the counseling office.  Internet searches include:,,,,, and

4.  Get information from college catalogs and view books in the guidance office 

5.  Come, listen and ask questions of visiting college representatives.

6.  Determine which colleges will meet your needs.

7.  Compare the colleges on your list and narrow choices.

8.  Plan college visitations.

9. Complete college applications online and be aware of deadlines.

10. Be aware of scholarship opportunities through colleges and watch for deadlines.         Sometimes the scholarships are awarded to qualified candidates on a first come first serve basis.

11. If you need a letter of recommendation, or if you are applying for a scholarship that will be selected by Evergreen, turn in a “Senior Profile” at the time you   request the recommendation or apply for the scholarship. You only need to turn this in once.

12. Request that a transcript be sent for each college that you apply to.  Make the transcript request through the Transcript Request/Parchment link on the Evergreen High School web page 

13. Check the scholarship box in the Guidance Office regularly for scholarship  opportunities. Use the internet at home or in the library to search for scholarships  with or or

14. Complete the FAFSA on the web as soon as possible after October 1.  Use only        the FAFSA.ED.GOV website.  The student can then receive his/her student aid report in a matter of days. Detailed information will be handed out at the senior guidance meetings.

15. Let the Guidance Office know when you have been accepted to a college or have         been awarded a scholarship. This information will be published in the Evergreen         Community News unless you request otherwise.